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Kingsville Fisherman's Company Kingsville Fisherman's Company

CleanWater developed a sewage treatment system for Kingville Fisherman’s Co., a Canadian fishery operation. The system was designed to treat all wastewater resulting from the cleaning and de-scaling of fish. The company was processing upwards of 25,000 lbs. of fish per day. Laboratory tests show that the treated output water is now free of bacteria, ammonia and organics; total dissolved solids are below .1 ppm. The treated wastewater is so clean that the water is returned to the service lines as potable water and is reused.

A secondary system was also designed to purify ice used in the fishing boats. Under special conditions, the ozone is captured in the ice crystals, which are used for packing the freshly-caught fish. The ozonated ice destroys the bacteria on the fish and extends their keeping time. Result: the boats are able to stay out for longer periods of time without degrading the quality of the product.

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