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Operator (n.) – Man or woman who has worked long hours over many years to reach their position in the water industry. Can be found running between pipes and tanks with testing equipment in back pocket. Not to be confused with city politicians or well-dressed engineers. Runs the show.

For OperatorsFor Operators

Welcome to our site extension created specifically for municipal water treatment operators like yourself. If you fit the definition above, you’re in the right place. After working with operators for many years, we’ve found that they are truly the men and women who run the show for a municipal water system. Your experience and understanding of water and wastewater places you in a position of final decision-maker at your city’s plant. It’s clear that operators are looking for specific information about what our systems can and cannot do for them.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to consider ozone as a new tool in the push for cleaner, safer drinking water and wastewater. Discover the power of O3.

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