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Residential Drinking Water: Drinking
Bottled Water From Your Faucet

For many homeowners receiving water from a well, the idea of water that tastes bad and smells bad is a reality. Soluble iron, manganese and sulfur leaches into the well water deep below the ground. Once the water is brought to the surface and contacts the air, the elements begin to oxidize. This oxidation produces many problems. Rust or blackened stains on bathtubs, sinks and appliances and foul odor and taste are the most obvious.

When ozone is applied to the water, the elements are oxidized instantly and filtered from the water before ever reaching the home.

This oxidation property of ozone is especially beneficial when treating bacteria in the water. Ozone is the most powerful oxidation agent commercially available - 1.52 times greater than chlorine. The effect is instant destruction of all known viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Ozone can kill these pathogens 3,000 times faster than the chlorine used in conventional water treatment plants. Your drinking water will exceed the standards set by the EPA.

After ozonation and filtration within our system, your water is as clean and refreshing as bottled water. The difference is, our 'bottled water' is flowing throughout the home. Your showers, washing machine, dish washer will all use the pure water. Imagine never having to clean rust stains from the drain or never having to deal with orange-tinted laundry. The difference is amazing!

Discover how ozone can make your water clear and refreshing. Discover the power of O3.

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Homeowners are choosing ozone systems to purify the water coming into the house.
Homeowners are choosing ozone systems to purify the water coming into the house.

Pure drinking water straight from your faucet.
Pure drinking water straight from your faucet.

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