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Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Treating Municipal Wastewater with Gaseous Ozone

Following the Clean Water Act in 1972, the EPA has been introducing increasing regulations to preserve our nation's waterways. The most recent of these was launched in 2002 and referred to as The Great Lakes Legacy Act (GLLA). The GLLA has once again raised the bar for municipal engineers to improve their waste treatment methods. However, alternatives to current methods are either unreasonably costly or fail to improve the situation.

Municipal wastewater facilities large and small are turning to new technology to assist in producing safe effluent. El Paso, Denver, San Diego, and Cleveland are just a few of the major cities that have applied ozone effectively in their respective wastewater facilities. With the help of ozone, the city of El Paso is actually injecting their treated wastewater back into the aquifer below the city.

Small wastewater plants (up to 500,000 gallons per day) must deal with the same challenges as the larger facilities, but can be expensive to build. Often, these plants are located near lakes and recreation areas, where land value is high and the EPA carefully monitors the discharge into lakes and streams. Such communities are finding it costly and difficult, if not impossible, to meet EPA standards using conventional aeration and activated sludge methods.

CleanWater Ozone has designed a sewage plant specifically to meet the needs of such communities, one that actually surpasses current EPA standards for effluent. The sludge from the plant is bagged, prepped and incinerated at temperatures so high that the resulting ash is accepted in any land fill. The liquid effluent, after being processed by the CleanWater Ozone system, is free of microorganisms, ammonia, and chemicals, and has the clarity of potable water. The effluent resulting from the CleanWater system may be discharged into lakes, ponds, streams or other bodies of water. Because of the quick decomposition of ozone to oxygen, ozonation actually elevates the dissolved oxygen concentration of the effluent. Cost analysis shows CleanWater systems can reach a 'pay-back' point within several years of installation. Clean, clear and cost-effective. Discover the newest technology in wastewater treatment. Discover the power of O3.

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Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Treating Municipal Wastewater with Gaseous Ozone


Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Treating Municipal Wastewater with Gaseous Ozone

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