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Fire Restoration: Restoring Buildings After Fire Damage

Sometimes a fire will destroy a building in its entirety; however, in many cases a fire consumes only a small area of an office building or home before being extinguished. What comes next is the difficult tasks of restoring the building to its original condition. After a fire, contractors and renovators must seal the remaining structure and expunge the smell of smoke, an extremely difficult task and one which is rarely 100% successful... unless ozone is applied.

Using the CleanWater system, the contractor seals off the structure and fills it with ozone gas, which is generated on-site. Ozone completely eradicates any smoke residue and odor, leaving the structure fresh before the timber and drywall are replaced. This system may also be applied to hotel rooms, rental units and vehicles with equally fine results. Discover the power of restoration. Discover the power of O3.



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