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Produce Rinse Water:
Rinse Water is Reusable... is Reusable... is Reusable.

In most industrial produce-washing facilities, rinse water is used once and disposed. This creates high water costs. Ozone has the oxidizing power to break down organics, destroy bacteria and reduce pesticides to harmless byproducts. Once purification is complete, the ozone reverts back to harmless oxygen and bubbles out of the water. Our water treatment systems utilize this powerful oxidant to clean rinse water, allowing it to be recycled and reused over and over again.

In 1997, an expert panel determined that ozone, as a disinfectant in food processing, was Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). This qualification has opened the doors to using ozone to disinfect all types of foods. Recent research has shown that spraying or rinsing produce with ozone-enriched water will kill off any fungus, mold and bacteria present on the skins. The result is extended shelf life. One apple processing facility began using ozone to clean their rinse water in 1998. The rinse water, once changed daily, is now changed on a monthly basis. Within 4 years, the system had paid for itself through the savings in water costs alone. Discover how your facility can reduce water use and save overhead costs. Discover the power of O3.



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