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Agricultural Feed Water: Protecting Your Livestock from Disease and Your Watering System from Fouling

Ninety percent of all livestock fatalities occur due to sickness and disease. Many of these illnesses are linked directly to contaminated drinking water. Loss of livestock means loss of profit. Ozone can win the war against livestock fatalities. When injected into raw feed water, the ozone annihilates deadly viruses and bacteria. With oxidizing power 1.52 times greater than chlorine, ozone has been proven to kill the microorganisms 3,000 times faster.

Pathogens such as Eschericia coli (E-coli), Fecal coli (F-coli) and Rotavirus are destroyed instantly. Even hardened parasites immune to chlorine such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia cysts are annihilated by ozone. Although lethal to these pathogens, ozone quickly reduces to harmless oxygen and bubbles out of the water. Ozone will even remove pesticides and other chemical contaminants, which can leach into feed water. The result is clean, healthy drinking water for your livestock without disinfection byproducts.

Because of the powerful nature of ozone, suspended solids such as iron and manganese are oxidized and removed the water before entering the watering system. With all organics and suspended solids removed, there is nothing left in the water to build up and choke the watering lines. James Manwaring of Manwaring Leghorn Farms reported, "One [CleanWater] system was used in our hatchery and it replaced six (6) water softeners that were using 1000 lbs. of salt a week, and since installation it was worked perfectly."

For a livestock owner, that's a smart solution. That's the power of O3.

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Agricultural Feed Water: Protecting Your Livestock from Disease and Your Watering System from Fouling

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